Sunday, October 28, 2012

Keira Knightly Inspired Makeup - Part 2

I've come to realize how helpful collages can be to recognize colour patterns, so I decided to create a collage of the makeup colours I used in my previous 'Keira Knightly Inspired Makeup' post - this way if you're interested in the look, you have a better idea of the shades I used - it also gives more of a visual comparison between Keira's makeup look and the one I created on myself - Keira has a very delicate, light complexion, while my complexion is more medium-warm - its important to remember that if you want a particular look to work for you, you may need to tweek it to work with your skintone.  I also added in a pic of diamond stud earings, simply because they are so elegant and go with this look so well:

Makeup show in this collage:

Chanel Boy Lipstick (I used this lipstick with Soar Liner for this look)
Chanel Tweed Rose blush
MAC Soar Lipliner
MAC Coquette and Carbon eyeshadows
Chanel Nude lipliner
Chanel Organdi Rose lipstick (one of current favourite lipsticks for everyday - I pair it with Chanel's Natural Lipliner and the combination is divine!)


Margo said...

Renata, we do not see your new posts anymore. No time or no interest?

Renata said...

Hey Margo,
I definitely have interest - but time is one issue and another is that my 'image/photo' space is depleted and I need to purchase something from google to post photos again - I'm just trying to figure out how to do it - bear with me, I hope to start posting again soon!!!

Margo said...

We are waiting for your new posts and photos! Please tell how helpful were concepts of the book "Color your style" in your everyday life. Do you have those best colors in your wardrobe? How do you mach them with other colors?

Anonymous said...

This color palette, in my opinion, is the most stunning on you!!

Renata said...

Thank you so much for the compliment!!!