Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Ideal 'Romantic' Shade

I have recently been re-reading David Zyla's book 'Color Your Style' - in my opinion, it is one of the best colour-inspired books on the market.  I love that David encourages women to use the colours that are naturally present in their skin, hair, eyes etc as their best 'power' colours - this is simply proof, that what you were given naturally is your individual blueprint to finding the 'best' colours for you!  When trying to determine your power colours, David suggests to look into the palm of your hand and study the colours you see that appear naturally - your romantic colour expends from your palm into your finger-tips and lightly pinching your finger tips will reveal your best romantic shade.  I decided to do this and also use the shade present in my natural lip colour.  I then cropped and magnified the photo - I took the photo is as natural light as possible and here is the result:

The colour is pretty consistent in both my finger-tip and natural lip shade.  I'd trying to determine what the exact colour is and then would like to see if I can't match a lipstick and blush shade.  How amazing it would be to be able to do my makeup using this romantic shade!  I'm so happy that David Zyla wrote the book 'Color Your Style' - its been so helpful and knowing your power colours really does change your life -  I'll have to be on the look out for a sweater or nice top in this shade to wear for valentines day - oh la la!!!

WOW - I had to add this little bit to this blog post - I just swatched my two new favourite lipstick shades to my True Autumn swatch fan and then compared them to a collage I made of my romantic shade and I'm in 'AWE' - everything matches and is harmonious.  THis is just further proof that finding your best palette is right under your finger tips (literally) - using David Zyla's system and getting draped to find your best colours will change your life - I'm actually really excited right now - this is awesome!!!

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Sonia Nirmala Devi said...

Wow Renata, I love this post, and I really feel your excitement- I had found out about Zyla before finding out about the 12 seasons, so it all made sense when I had some actual colours to compare "my" colours to (it's not that easy to really describe one's own colour, but the swatches really helped!). Anyway, I think it's wonderful to really nail the romantic colour- that one really is my favorite!!!