Saturday, October 13, 2012

Plink Lipstick by MAC

THe smokey-eye / Nude lipstick look has been my go-to look recently.  I'm finding that this look is ideal because it goes with everything and when done correctly, it is a very professional business look and can easily be morphed into an evening look.  I've been on the hunt for that perfect nude, your lips but better lipstick without the pale, concealer like effect that many 'nude' or lighter toned lipsticks have.  I stumbled upon plink and its ideal for the smokey eye - check it out:

In this last photo, I used Boldly Bare lipliner instead of Etcetera, its more of a true pink-nude liner and I love how it compliments the Dame blush so perfectly:

Creating a smokey eye is not about over-exaggerating the black liner - its about creating a subtle dramatic effect by defining the eye with a deeper shade of liner and then using an angled brush to soften the edges of the line and smudge out the surface to create that smokey effect.  The smokey eye is not the racoon eye and the nude lip is not the 'concealer lip' look - I really wanted to show everyone that with the right colours and products, this look can work day or night and be both romantic, classic and sophisticated!!!


Sonia Nirmala Devi said...

Wow! Thank you for such an utterly perfect demonstration of the smokey eye concept- I have always loathed the racoon eye/erased lip look that claims to be so smouldering. I also love the fact that you have incorporated some pink into your Warm Autumness, showing how the boundaries of ones season not only can be pushed a little, but need to be pushed, because of your uniqueness x

Renata said...

THanks SOnia - adding the pink was to add softness and compliment the cool tones of the black liner - if I had gone for a warmer blush, it would have been too much of a contrast and both would be fighting for attention - I'm liking the idea of now experimenting with my colour bounderies and I'm learning to not 'over-mix' the palettes - harmony is still needed, even with elements of winter in an autumn palette!