Sunday, June 12, 2016

Revisiting the BEST reds for Warm Autumn

I think that if there is one look that I absolutely love and admire the most, it's the CLASSIC red lip!  Now that I'm personally settling back into the Warm Autumn palette, I want to re-discover all my red options, but in particular, Warm Autumn's BEST red.  There are a few options with the warm autumn reds: mahogany (which leans into a brown-red), orange-reds and warm true reds.  My personal best picks for each are the following:

Mahogany Reds:

NARS Leslie
Chanel Antoinette

Orange Reds:

MAC Chili
Bobbi Brown Burnt Red
NARS Red Square (Liner)

Warm True Reds:

YSL #1 Le Rouge (the winner)
Chanel Passion

I have to say that there are a few classic red looks that I really love.  The mahogany reds are perfect for everyday chic.  They are not as bright as the true red/orange-red options.  On the other hand, the orange-reds can be quite bright and perfect for a warm autumn glam type of look.  The warm true red is the most 'classic red' look in comparison to the other shades in the warm autumn palette.  It's the red that you think of when you think 'Parisian Chic'.  Interestingly enough, my favourite warm true red swatch is the YSL #1 Le Rouge, which I first came across on a trip to Paris.  I was at the Gallery Lafayette and was in awe of all the YSL makeup counter when I was approached by the Makeup Artist there.  I remember that he literally said to me "come, sit in this chair and I will show you your perfect red".  It was one of those 'life-changing/movie-esque' moments.  He told me that the #1 Le Rouge is so classic and perfect for me.  He also showed me a set of shadows (also warm autumn shades - the #10).  However, I remember that red lipstick the most, as I left feeling so 'Chic'.  Since being officially draped as a Warm Autumn, I was thrilled to see that Le Rouge is the PERFECT true warm red shade:

Although I didn't realize it at the time, there is something to be said about finding your best red.  There is also something to be said about the clarity and warmth about the Warm Autumn palette that is just prefect against my skin tone.  I am happy to be revisiting this palette and in particular to start wearing my best red again :)

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