Thursday, June 2, 2016

Summer Neutrals - Polished Look :)

Although it's not 'officially' summer, it sure does feel like it :)  For those who read my posts regularly, you'll know I'm currently really loving the softer warm palette, particularly neutral shades of warm peach, champagne, light rose etc.  I think these are perfect summer lipstick shades that pair well with a soft smokey eye.  My current favourite eyeshadow is MAC club.  I love wearing it on its own as a sheer swipe over the lid with some mascara or blended into my eyeliner.  For this look, I decided to blend Club into MAC's Phone Number eyeliner:

For the rest of this makeup, I went with Laura Mercier Rose highlight shimmer as an eyeshadow on the lid and Bobbi Brown Tawny blush.  For the lipstick look, I used Chanel Natural lipliner and then used L'oreal Crystal Praline lipstick.  I'm really enjoying perfecting this look - I'm enjoying experimenting with the warm-soft palette again :)


amyvdh said...

you look so lovely. Thank you for sharing your explorations

Renata said...

Thank you so much Amy :)

Anonymous said...

The pics especially the second picture is over exposed or something :"