Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ginnifer Goodwin

I have always admired Ginnifer Goodwin - I think she possesses that true balance of smart, cute and sexy!  I adored her character in 'He's Just Not That Into You' - How many of us have exhibited that behaviour at one point or another in trying to impress a guy?  Perhaps 'Gigi' was a little extreme in her approach, but we've all felt that insecurity at some point in our 'dating adventures'.  Ginnifer's most recent movie is 'Something Borrowed'.  I haven't seen the film, since it opens May 6th, but I can already tell from the previews that I'm going to like it and I really like her clothes and makeup look.  Here is my little tribute to Ginnifer:

Ginnifer has that 'girl next door' charm and elegance.  I love her hair in this photo - the soft waves look so pretty and romantic.  Her makeup compliments that natural-beauty look as well - its soft, neutral-toned and balanced.  Ginnifer looks truly elegant in this photo!!!

Ginnifer can reall work that smokey eye look - I like how she used the blue-gray tones vs the harsh black liner!  I my opinion, I think Ginnifer is the perfect brunette 'summer' - she has that neutral beige skintone with a rosy tinge an I love how well she carries off the heathered-plum shade of the top in this photo.  She really seems to glow in the muted plum and grey tones!

Ginnifer is so lucky that she can go from loose wavy long hair to a pixie cut and still look classy and sexy!  Not many women can carry of this look, but Ginnifer can really work this hair cut - she reminds me of a modern day Audrey Hepburn - for some reason she has that same classic look and appeal as Audrey - She channels the 'Gamine' look so well!!!

This picture of Ginnifer is from the 'Something borrowed' movie - she is wearing the Soft Summer colours in this photo and I think she looks amazing!  I love the soft plum lip and cheek colour and the neutral medium brunette hair colour shade is perfect for her!  Combined with the muted grey and taupe top, she looks sophisticated and has that 'down to earth' flair.  This photo actually really inspires me to start playing around with more of the soft plum shades!

Ginnifer is a breath of fresh air in Hollywood - she always looks put together and classy!  I love the roles she picks for her movies and I hope that she continues to morph as an inspirational woman in the movie and fashion industry!  I personally look forward to seeing what her next look will be - but one thing I also admire most about her is that she stays true to that classic, elegant appeal!!!  Kuddos to you Ginnifer!!!


Miss Southern Prep said...

She is gorgeous! I loved her in He's Just Not That Into You!

Argentée (Oh Jolie Laide) said...

Ooh, I see this and I want to cut my hair again. She is adorable.

Runa said...

Love this! I'm always so sad when people claim she's a winter. She is beautiful no matter what, but I truly relax when I see her in summer colours

Anonymous said...