Monday, April 18, 2011

Preppy Vibe and Euro Chic Connection

I have always been inspired by all things preppy, but recently, I've really embraced it will full force.  It sort of came about when I was reading a book on Parisian Chic and also started reading up on the preppy look - I noticed a lot of comparisons between the elegent preppy look and the elegant Euro-chic look.  Many of the same looks cross over into one another - such as wearing delicate peices of jewelery like pearls and diamond studs, embracing the natural application of makeup (i.e. the 'le no makeup' look is highly respected amoung most preppy women) and the simple yet classic styles of clothes (the white shirt with a hint of rugby/polo sophistication).  The common elements of elegant style are numerous and I'm excited to add both elements into my wardrobe (actually, the book about Parisian Chic I was reading stresses that women should not try to conform to any one style, but pick what they like and what works for them and in turn, create their own style - I love this concept!!!)

These are some of the basics of preppy style that I want to start including in my wardrobe collection:

I'm rediscovering my obsession with rugby and polo shirts - I particularily love the light pink shirt labeled #3 - its so feminine -I can just invision myself wearing it with a pair of pearl stud earings, jackie O sunglasses and possibly even a head-band!  I'm also loving the nautical inspired tote bags - I actually purchased one last year at an antique store and can't wait to wear it once the weather gets a little nicer (its actually been snowing in April in Toronto - I have no idea what mother nature is thinking, but we usully have such beautiful spring weather and I'm hoping to see it soon)

I think this look is uber sophisticated - I adore this shirt with the blue and white striped/nautical element.  I love the simplicity of this look - the natural makeup, the hair pulled back in a ponytail, the classic white pants worn with blue - This is such a classy, elegant, casual day look - love, love, love it!!!

One of the common traits between the preppy look and the Euro Chic look is the elegant way in which women can combine mens-wear into their wardrobe - the blazer is the perfect example of this - it adds such flair and really makes a statement.  I admire women who are able to wear ties succesfully - I stll need to perfect and work on embracing the tie, but when I see a woman work the tie, I am always inspired to try it!!!

I love how this look embraces elements of both the preppy and euro chic looks- it combines the best of an elegant polo inspired blouse and the classic black pencil skirt and knee high boots -  I think this look is oozing with sophistication!!!

Brooks Brothers is perhaps one of the best representations of what elegant preppy dressing is all about - I adore the shirt dress this model is wearing in the ad - She looks so elegant and I admire how natural she looks - she really captures the true essence of what it means to be elegant!

This picture is the perfect illustration of how similar preppy and euro chic can be - the one thing that really captures my attention about this connection is how feminine and natural the look is - in both cases, its this subtle simplicity that adds to the allure of the look - its this simplicity that I love and desire to embrace!!!

I hope that you enjoyed my comparisson between some of the elements of preppy style and Euro chic allure - I hope to revisit this topic because it inspires me so much!!!

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