Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dreaming of Nantucket

Nantucket island is just south of Cape Cod, Massachusetts and I put it on my traveling 'Wish List' - I can't wait to go on a road trip and take in the best that New England has to offer.  One of the things that I'm so drawn to right now is the scenery in New England, particularily the ocean and the stone, taupe and soft beige colours of the ocean front homes.  I also like the nautical elements associated with New England and of course, who can pass up on a hot bowl of clam chowder???
Here are some images that have really inspired me lately:

I would love to wake up this scene in the morning - this is simply beautiful!!!  When I first saw this photo, I automatically felt a sense of peace and relaxation come over me - I hope to experience a scene like this when I go on my future Nantucket road trip!

This is such a classic New England nautical scene - I love the rich blue colour of the sea and the lighter blue sky - I wish I was sitting on that chair with a cup of tea - I could stare at the ocean all day and be completely mesmorized by its beauty!!!

One of the things that I can't wait to do is to visit as many antique and small shops as I can - I love shopping in little stores that have unique items and I love little country inspired stores - This display brings about a warming feeling to the soul - I love the nautical inspired pillows and I could see myself picking up some items and doing some re-decorating!  I really like when a home has that country-cottage feel - its makes my heart smile!!!

This image is so connected to the essence of the New England lifestyle!  Sailing, the ocean, nautical themes, is what inspires me to travel to New England!  I admire anyone who gets to sail on a regular basis - I love the free-spirit feeling of being on the water and taking in the sounds of the waves and the smell of the ocean - its real joy in its purest form!

After a day of being out on the ocean, who wouldn't want to sit down to a warm bowl of New England clam chowder or a bowl of Boston baked beans???  Nothing says comfort and love more than a warming bowl of something mouthwatering after being out in the sun, sand and water!!!  I love the comfort food elements that are so much a part of New England cooking - everything from crab cakes to polenta to spiced roast potatoes and corn on the cob!!!

The more I read about New England - its history, culture, cuisine and style - the more I love how 'comforting' and inspiring it makes me feel - I love how its such an elegant and preppy place, but at the same time, its what being down to earth is all about - Its about embracing the 'home sweet home' inner feeling regardless of where you live!!!

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