Saturday, March 31, 2012

BECCA Cosmetics

There is makeup that is trendy, there is makeup that is natural and pretty, and then there is makeup that inspires you to be your best self!  Makeup is so much fun and I could honestly spend all day playing around with different colours and makeup textures!  However, lately, I've been drawn to looks that have that very natural, rustic, warm feeling - colours that are natural, yet rich and elegant.  If I had to set a scene for this look, it would be at the cottage, sitting on a dock looking at the water with a cozy sweater, drinking a hot tea and enjoying the crisp cool autumn air.  I decided to google 'rustic makeup' and ads from Becca Cosmetics kept coming up and the looks matched my vision of rustic-elegant to perfection - check it out:

This collection is called 'Lost Weekend Collection' and I love the warm neutrals and nudes colour palette used to create this look - The eyes are the perfect balance between warm brown smokey and daytime natural - I love the 'earthy' feel of this look!

This makeup look is the perfect natural, daytime look in my opinion!  There is no obvious colour that pops out at you - everything is harmonious, blended, soft - the colours are perfect for her skintone and she simply glows in a natural, pretty way!  I absolutely 'love' this look!!!

I looked up the colour inspiration for this look on the Becca Cosmetics website and found that it was based on a soft pink-rose colour palette for the lips and cheeks -  To me, it reminds me of that 'english rose' look that Kate Winslet does so well!  I think that every woman should find the perfect pink for their skin-tone that is natural, yet elegant.  I find that many women look good in a rose shade (with a hint of brown/peach tones if you're warmer and with more of a mauve, violet undertone if your cooler skintoned).

 I really love that Becca cometics makes the natural, rustic look work on so many skintones - its so nice to be able to find a makeup line where you can find your best nude or natural colours regardless if you have a deeper, more olive complexion, pale-freckled skin, ultra deep bronze or ebony undertones, the colour palettes work for everyone!

Finding shades that work for blending, contouring, highlighting are so important and its especially nice to find contour shades that are brown-bronzer based, but not too dirty looking on the skin - I love the highlight and contour shades used in this photo - this makeup application is amazing!!!

WHen I look at this photo I think of coming home from a beach vacation - the skin is perfectly bronzed, with sand, peach and warm tawny colour palettes that are inspired by being at the beach!  I also love the models hair in this photo - its goes with the rest of the look so well - this model looks refreshed, polished and ultra beautiful!

When I look at these photos, I feel inspired to play around more with a makeup look that has that rustic, natural warmth to it with a palette of colours that are both natural, yet complimentary to one's skintone.  I really love the earthy, nature-inspired elements of these looks!!!

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