Sunday, March 4, 2012

Two Evening Looks

I was so excited to be able to do makeup for an event my friends Shannon and Kristin were both going to.   On Shannon, the vision was to go for a smokey bluish-grey glam eye and bright lip.  I ended up going for this look and then subduing the eye look just slightly.  On Kristin, I decided to go for a 'soft' smokey eye using eggplant and gold shades.  Here are some photos and a 'step by step' for how to recrete these looks:

1) My friend Shannon:

 Its important to start with a clean face - moisturizer helps the skin look and feel fresh before makeup application

I applied primer, concealer, foundation and then applied a 'powder guard' to catch any fallen shadow while working on the smokey eye (I would later go back and apply a podwer that matches Shannon's skintone) - I always start a smokey eye by applying concealer to the entire eye area and then choosing a natural eyeshadow 'base' shade

The next step is to apply the darkest colour along the lashline and up into the lid (I went with black)

Once the darkest shade is applied, its important to pick a medium smokey shade (I decided on a grey-blue) to apply into the crease

The next step is to BLEND, BLEND, BLEND and then BLEND some more......  I also applied a highlight shade into the upper brow bone and in the inner tear-ducts!

Using a darker shadow to frame the eye-brows and then applying black eyeliner, mascara and blending a bluish shade into the upper lash-line are the finishing touches - for a classic smokey eye look, I would finish this off by applying a sheer pink gloss, but I wanted 'Drama' and 'Glam', so I went with a brighter and glam lip....

Since Shannon is cool toned, I decided that she could rock this hot pink shade! 

Shannon asked that I soften her eyes up just slightly, so I added more highlighting on her brow bone and blended it into the grey-blue that was in her crease!   As a makeup artist its important to me that my clients and friends be happy with their look!!!
2) Kristin - I wasn't able to get as many photos of Kristin's makeup application, but I did get a great photo of her finished makeup look:

Kristin is not used to wearing a lot of makeup, so I didn't want to go with an uber-glam look - I decided to go with a softer variation of a smokey eye and a warm berry lip.  I applied an eggplant shade from the lid into the crease and then a gold shade on the lid.  I used a dark brown eyeliner because Kristin had a warmer, golden undertone to her skin - I then blended the eggplant shade into the upper lashline.  I used a warm peachy-brown blush and then mixed a red-berry lipstick with a bronze-gold lipstick to create a warm berry shade!

Here is Kristin with her eyes closed, so you can see the eggplant shade blended in a more smokey fashion into her crease with the gold on the lid!

I had a lot of fun doing these makeup looks on Shannon and Kristin!!!

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Anonymous said...

The makeup looks great.

At the same time, the "powder guard" seems to still be visible...running from the area under the eye to the area near the nostril and out towards the ears. I don't know if this is a function of the camera or if it's visible in real life.