Sunday, March 25, 2012

Brooks Brothers - The Ultimate in Preppy

Style is personal - this is something that I am really beginning to acknowledge as truth!  I've had a few interesting light bulb moments lately and I wanted to share them with you.  Style quizzes and learning about your style type is always 'fun' and worthwhile to learn about.  However, I'm discovering that beyond what any quiz tells you about what you 'should' be wearing, style is something that should come naturally to you - its what your drawn to, what you are intuitively attracted to, what looks good on you, what you feel your ultimate best in.  WIth me, no matter how many style quizzes I take, I'm always drawn to that elegant mix of aristocratic preppy and european chic.  I get that happy and fuzzy feeling everytime I see a store or ad for Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Laren, J Crew, Scotch and Soda or Brooks Brothers.  I get the same feeling when I think about what it would be like to go on a roadtrip to New England, something that is on my bucket-list. Lately, I've been inspired by Brooks Brothers and that old aristrocratic charm that is still modern today - to me, Brooks Brothers channels the ultimate in preppy style, but in an elegant, almost regal way.  Here are a few ads and pics from past Brooks Brothers collections:

I love that Brooks Brothers speaks to all generations - there is something so classic, fresh and crisp about their casual wear - its simple, understated, yet really classic and elegant!

Of all the Brooks Brothers ads, this one is my favourite - I love the shirt dress that the model is wearing and how elegant it looks.  I've always loved crisp collard shirts, shirt dresses and dresses/tops with 3/4 sleeves - Add some pearl earings and a classic pump shoe and the result is pure sophistication!

My dream would be to drive through New England in the fall - I've heard that the countryside is simply amazing this time of year.  I can just imagine myself with a camel jacket and orange scarf just like what this model is wearing for this Brooks Brothers ad!  This is the perfect fall jacket - casual enough for everyday and once again, very elegant!!!  Brooks Brothers seems to really know how to capture a look that is the essence of both elegance and simplicity!

Details are so important in clothing - the dress that this woman is wearing is so elegant and I love the open-back, collar detail in the back.  I like how the rest of the dress is simple.  I find that when shopping for dresses, often you find a dress that is too 'busy' with details and then the elegance component is 'gone' - to me, the more simple a dress, the more elegant it is! 

This look is simple and classic - a basic turtleneck and pant combination, I wanted to include this Brooks Brothers ad because I love the models hair and makeup.  I think this is the perfect representation of how makeup is supposed to look on a woman - classic, natural, the right colours, not over-done or too dramatic, soft and elegant.  I also love the hair, soft and flowing, a stunning medium chestnut shade (complimentary to the models skintone and makeup shades) - I just get a feeling of 'ease' when I take in this whole look!  I feel like I could easily talk to this woman - she seems so down to earth, well mannered and classy (its interesting how apperance can influence what someone thinks of you!)

Denim and Khaki pants/shirts are always perfect for those casual days - I have a denim, collard shirt that I've had for two years now and I simply adore wearing it (its not a Brooks Brothers shirt, but its similar to the demin shirt that the female model is wearing in this photo) - no matter what, I always feel comfortable and cozy when I wear it. Part of what I love about dressy a little preppy is that I feel it evokes a sense of rustic comfort - all I need is my comfy demin shirt and a green tea matcha latte and I'm happy!!!

Part of the reason that I love looking at Brooks Brothers ads, is that I get great ideas for accessories and makeup.  In this photo, I feel that the makeup is perfect for a sophisticated event - the lip colour is slightly deeper than for everday, the blush slightly more defined and the eyes are simple, but also a little more defined than a typical day look.  I feel that if you find a look that you really like, you should study it, play around with it and find what works and what doesn't.  I know that I'd really feel honoured if I could perfect that timeless, classic and aristocratic look - both with clothes, makeup and accessories.  

I've decided that its time for me to stay true with what styles I love and am drawn to - I'm not going to limit myself to a particular style 'type' - instead, I'm going for what I'm naturally drawn to - what I get complimented on, what I know works for my personal body shape and type.  Style truly is personal and I feel that women who really do add that personal touch to their style, are the ones who are remembered and celebrated the most!!! 

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Definitely agree here. Timeless fashion that never goes out of style in my book.