Saturday, October 25, 2014

Balancing Deep Makeup Shades

I'm finding that now that I'm revisiting Deep Autumn, I'm going back to some of my absolute favourite lipsticks - particularily the rich, warm reds. Recently I've been playing around with the deep orange-brown/red shades. I have to say that right now one all my all time favourite combination is Mahogany lipliner with So Chaud listick by MAC. This morning I was playing around with a warm look, but trying to balance the eyes with something a bit more neutral. I ended up applying coquette shadow by MAC, lining my eyes with MAC's liner 'Raven' and then smuding that liner with a cooler brown dior shadow (if I had to compare it with a MAC colour, it would be very similar to 'concrete'). I think that finding balance between cool/warm is key, especially if you fit somethere in the neutral category. I tend to have 'cooler' eyes, so I find that the deep blues, black and aubergine shades suit by eyes, but I can have fun going 'warmer' on my skin with bronzer, blush (such as coppertone) and then going with a 'va-va-voom' lip shade like a true red or orange-red! Right now some of my all time favourite products are: MAC Ruby Woo lipstick MAC SO Chaud Lipstick YSL #10 eyeshadow quad Marcelle Dark Brown eyeliner MAC Smolder eyeliner MAC Mahogany Lipliner MAC Coppertone BLush NARS Mambo eyeliner and last but not least DIOR amber design eyeshadow palette!!!


Anonymous said...

You look great in deep colours.

Renata said...

Thank you so much Snezana!!! I'm really enjoying the deep autumn journey!