Saturday, October 4, 2014

I'm Here, I'm Here

Hello Everyone, I know that its been AGES since I've blogged and for all those who follow me, please don't lose heart - I'll be back VERY soon with a lot of awesome new posts. SO what's been doing on with me? A lot - Life - refocusing - I've been taking some creative writing classes, trying out new recipes, reading, painting - basically, just taking some time out for me. I got out of my health kick, rediscovered a love for wine and now I'm somewhere in between. I've gained a few pounds and I guess part of me is a little self conscious about that, but I'm also re-learning a lot about health, nutrition, exercise etc. To be honest, its been a roll-o-coaster of a ride lately lol. I can say for certain that I don't regret any step I've taken in my journey - I've discovered a passion for spending time in nature, being new water, surfing (which is really weird because I don't live near the ocean or surf at all, but I'm obsessed with all things surfing right now), and even getting involved with eco-friendly and environmental issues. So, as you can see, I've been a very busy girl!!! However, in that time, I have never forgotten about makeup, playing around with various colours and experimenting with colour palettes. So where am I these days??? After an interesting stint with 'Soft Summer Deep' or 'Shaded Summer', I've been more and more drawn to explore Deep Autumn and I LOVE this palette so much, that I'm almost ready to claim it as my own!!! I'll have to work on putting some looks together and start posting, blogging again!!! Thanks for being patient with me as my life evolves and as a new adventure begins!!!!

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