Saturday, October 25, 2014

Deep Autumn Envy

Kristin Kreuk is often the celebrity highlighted as a stunning Deep Autumn - her features are warm, deep, rich, yet leaning slightly neutral into cool. She's most definitely an autumn, but not 100% true warm. I noticed this similarily with myself after comparing multiple true autumn photos to deep autumn photos. I'm 100% certain than I'm an autumn, but I'm not uber-warm. I think that after looking at the deep autumn palette, the words that come to mind are deep, rich, stunning. There is something 'etoxic' about the deep autumn. I wanted to compare a photo of Kristin and myself - not because I think we look alike, but because our features have that similar deep and rich effect! I think I'm 'REALLY' going to enjoy claiming this season as my own - the palette is so rich and elegant and I'm already thinking what colour combinations I can play around with! I've always been envious of Deep Autumn, so claiming it is a pleasure!!! :)

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