Sunday, October 26, 2014

My Most 'Desired' Makeup Look

If there is one makeup look that is symbolically me - its the subtle smokey eye/quasi-natural lipstick look. I don't know if its because of my warm, rich skintone or just preference, but I've never really looked good in a nude lipstick - it just looks chalky and unrealistic, but put me in a soft brownish shade with a hint of red/peach, and its neutral perfection. These days, Touch lipstick is my go-to shade!!! It my neutral 'perfection' shade!!! I decided that I wanted to play up the deep autumn colours and stay true to my smokey/neutral lip style! I decided to create a look that really embraced both elements, starting with my 'basic face'. I usually start with a concealer and tinted moisturizer, but I really wanted to play up the richness of 'deep autumn' by using a bronzer. This would be awesome for many of the warm seasons, but particualarily 'natural' for the deep autumn. I continued with my favourite 'Coppertone' blush by MAC. For the eyes, I decided to try something a bit different. I used a cooler toned base by Sephora that would be in the 'deep category' - its a shadow stick called 'deep taupe' - I applied this to my lid and smudged it with my finger into the crease. I then used MAC shadows in soba and goldmine, mixed the two shades and applied this to the lids only. I lined by eyes with Smolder eyeliner by MAC and used the bronze shade in the Dior 'amber design' palette to smudge into the upper lashline before finishing with black mascaera. I swiped on 'Touch' lipstick to complete the look. I have to admit that so far, this is probably my 'favourite' look - its the ideal combination of my best season and my best style. I'm at the point in my makeup journey where I've come to terms with what I feel is my 'BEST' version of myself and now its just a matter of fitting all the peices together. The puzzle is almost complete and I'm so inspired with the next step in my makeup/style evolution!!!

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