Sunday, October 12, 2014

Redhead and HAPPY!!!

Now I've rediscovered my longing to re-birth this blog - I've decided that its time for a transformation as well. Interestingly enough, my hair stylist intuitively felt that as well. I went yesterday for my regular trim/colour refresh, when she looked at me and said - you look 'blah', lets go RED! My heart actually skipped a beat and I realized, yeppers - this is it! This is the beginning of a new chapter that I'm meant to write. Part of it has to do with discovering the Deep Autumn palette once again, but I think its more than that - I think there is a deeper transformation taking place. Lately I've shifted - let go of some relationships that were'nt authentic and embracing new frienships that are! And although I feel a little 'misplaced', I also feel like I'm walking along the RIGHT PATH.
I've recently watched Elizabeth Gilbert on Oprah's Super Soul SUnday and the greatest message I got was to guestion - am I living my true path? Have I embraced my own Hero's journey??? I don't have the answer yet, because I'm still asking myself the questions!!! WHat I do know is that I've missed blogging, I've missed 'colour', painting, doing makeup, helping others feel awesome about themselves. I also feel awesome about 'myself' for the first time, in a new confident way, like wherever my journey is taking me, its all GOOD!! Its kind of like a new celebration of self and my new 'redhead' persona, fits this Perfectly:
FOr this Deep Autumn look - I used Dior's eyeshadow palette in Amber Design, MAC smolder eyeliner smudged with a bronze-brown shadow from the Dior palette. I used Gingerly blush my MAC, as well as Brick Lipliner and Touch Lipstick, also by MAC. I love these shades and I love embracing my new red-toned hair. I may not have reached my life-destination, but I'm HAPPY with where I am, and that's pretty awesome!!!

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Love the colour!!!