Sunday, May 2, 2010

10 Accessories and Style Essentials Every Woman Needs

In my opinion, every woman who wants to add
beauty and elegance into her life, needs to add
these essentials into her wardrobe and jewelery box. 
These essentials are timeless, classic, elegant
and will never go out of style. 
I think adding a touch of trendy can really add
a modern flair to a woman's look, but in the end,
you can never go wrong with these:
1) PEARLS - I love pearls so much! 
Every woman needs a beautiful pearl necklace
and pearl earings (nothing says classy better than
a pair of pearl stud or drop earings).  The best thing
about pearls is that they make an evening look uber-elegant,
 while adding sophistication to a very casual,
comfortable look!
2) DIAMONDS - Diamonds are a girls best friend!!!
I think that the rule of thumb for diamonds
 is to keep it simple.  For everyday, a pair of
diamond stud earings or a white-gold and
diamond pendant is the hallmark of class!
French women know the power and
 appeal of a beautiful scarf! 
The great thing about scarfs is that
you can make them work for any outfit.
Every woman dreams of one day
owning a Hermes!!!!
4) The Trench
There is something about putting on a trench
coat that makes you feel like you own
the world - this is one coat will
be forever be timeless and classic:
Every time I see a woman with a
beautiful watch, she always
seems to look so sophisticated!!!
A woman who wears a watch is
put together, elegant and exudes
power and charisma!!!
If a woman can only afford to
have one signature staple in
her wardrobe, I would suggest that
 it be the classic white shirt!!! 
Worn with black dress pants,
a pencil skirt or even tucked
into an elegant, flowing, long
evening skirt,nothing says
CLASSIC more that this one essential
 item of clothing - paired with the other
essentials (pearls or diamonds, a scarf, a watch),
the white shirt IS what being elegant is
all about.  THe key is to make sure its
a simple white shirt and not full of ruffles or
over-done details, this takes the class right out
of the shirt:
This should be a staple in every
woman's wardrobe - it goes with
'everything' and it is always in style
and always classy - it goes with a pair
of jeans and a classic white shirt,
the little black dress and is 'essential'
for a pencil skirt!
Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's -
the little black dress has, is and
always will be classy, timeless
and sophisticated.  You can be in
Paris, New York, Milan and you
will always be seen as fashionable
and stylish:
In those cold winter months, why should
a woman give up on style?
There is something very sexy
and appealing about a woman who wears
kneee length boots - anything above the knee
and you're getting into that
'pretty woman'/prostitute look,
but the knee length boot add just
enough sexiness while still
being elegant and lady-like:
To complete every outfit, my grandmother
used to say that a woman needs 2 things
- one, a good pair of shoes and
 two - an elegant, expensive purse. 
I think that if you're going to 'splurge' on a purse,
make it worth it - make it timeless, classic,
sophisticated and elegant.  For me, it would
have to be the 'Kelly' :

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