Friday, May 7, 2010

The Preppy Life - Part 1


I've written before that lately I've been

 inspired by the preppy, somewhat nautical style. 

When I think of true preppy, the word 'classic'

 seems to keep popping up!  I love the simplicity

of the style and how elegantly the look seems

to come together.  When I think about preppy,

I think of the following words and scenes: 

New England, Nautical, Ivy Leage, The Kennedy's,

Aristrocratic/Old Money, The Hamptons, Brooks Brothers etc. 

There are quite a few fashion stores that are

inspired by this look as well – Banana republic, GAP,

Old Navy, Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, just to

name a few.  Stay tuned for some pictures of all the

things that inspire me to be more 'preppy':


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