Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fw: Blue Hydrangeas

Flowers are so fresh and pretty.  
They can change your mood instantly!!!  
One of my favourite flowers right now are Hydrangeas -
especially the blue and purple ones:  
Here is a poem 'Blue Hydrangrea' that has
been translated into English from German. 
THe original author of the poem is
Rainer Maria Rilke and was translated
by Jack Lohrmann:
Just as the remnant green in tinted pot
So are these leaves, now rough and wrecked
Behind the flower umbels, that reflect
Only a hue of blue, more do they not.
Reflected are they, tear-stained, imperfect,
As if this they were prone to cease,
And as in blue and aged paper leaves
There´s yellow within, grey and violet.
Faded like a washed-out pinafore
No longer worn and of so little use:
How do we our too-short life endure.
But suddenly a blue renewed is seen
Among one of the umbels, and I sense
A blue delighted, smiling at the green.
I especially love when Hydrangeas
are used for weddings.  I think they
look so classy and elegant:
This summer, I hope to surround myself
with the beauty of blue hydrangeas!!!


Jennifer said...

oh I love hydrangeas - I had antique ones in my bouquet for my wedding - green with a hint of pink.

Renata said...

That sounds lovely Jennifer - Must have been such a lovely bouquet!!! Hydrangeas are so classy for a wedding!!!

Anonymous said...

I incorporated hydrangeas in my wedding and reception as well. That was many moons ago, before the Internet and many of my acquaintances thought it was a bit of a weird concept since hydrangeas weren't considered a 'traditional' wedding flower! That, of course, was before they actually saw the entire design mixed with antique highlights.. They were absolutely beautiful and I now grow my own in the shadier areas of our property... And am still an avid antique collector also yet hydrangeas can go with any decor. Hydrangeas are gorgeous!