Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Beauty is Ageless

While our society is fixated on youth,
 I have always thought that true elegance
comes from maturity.  There are countless
examples of actresses, actors and celebrities,
who really came into their own only after
reaching a certain level of maturity.   Although I
value living in the present moment, there is a
part of me that can't wait to age - I want to
embrace every new grey hair and I hope
that as I age, I'm one of those women who actually
looks 'better' than they did in their 20's. 
I think that with age, comes a certain understanding -
you really get to 'know' yourself and what works
for you - you value yourself and surround yourself
with things that are important to you and to a
certain degree you stop trying to please the
world so much - This is an attitude you can
adopt at any age, but for many people, it doesn't
happen until they have really 'experienced' their life. 
So here is to CELEBRATING your age
(whatever that may be) and instead of fearing
getting older, Embracing it - loving it - honoring
yourself and your life. 

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