Sunday, September 18, 2011

Autumn Glow

I love the autumn season and have always loved autumn colours.  I continue to be drawn to a rustic-spicy orange shade.  In my last post 'NARS Madly Blush', I created a soft, neutral look for day.  I was going out that evening and decided to add some warmth to my look, so I added this orange-rust blush shade that I have from a company called FACES (I have no idea what name or number the product is because whoever sold it to me forgot to put the product sticker on the back of the blush, but if you see the FACES blushes, its the deepest orange shade in the group).  I kept my eyes the same and balanced out the warmth of the look by making my lips deeper and warmer.  I used MAC's Auburn lipliner, FACES Vita lipstick (one of my all time favourites - its an orange-brown shade - MAC used to make a similar colour years ago called Marrakesh but then disconituned it - I wish they had kept it in their line).  I then dabbed just a bit of Smashbox's Flamenco over my lips to give it a bit of pizzazz!  Here is the what I came up with:

I plan to continue to play around with more rustic-warm shades this autumn.  I have my eye on this NARS blush called Silvana - its a peachy terracotta shade - I've put it on my wishlist!!!

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