Saturday, September 17, 2011

NARS Madly Blush

NARS makeup products are some of my absolute favourite.  I love the texture and feel of NARS makeup against my skin - I think I'll always be a NARS junkie!!!  Lately, I've been playing around with their blushes and came across one that I adore 'Madly' (no really, it called 'Madly').  The NARS website descibes this colour as a "warm seashell pink".  It actually reminds me a little bit of 'Sertao' - a blush shade was a discontinued and also adored.  I wanted to create a look around 'Madly' that stayed true to the natural, warm-soft effect that Madly creates.  This is a perfect 'casual weekend' look:

For this look I started with my HD Foundation in 155, N4 concealer by Loreal.  I used Navajo by Bobbi Brown as a base and then used NARS ashes to ashes from lid to crease and NARS Lola Lola shadow in the crease.  I lined my eyes with MAC's Smolder and smudged NARS 'Night Breed' into the upper lasline.  I used Dior-Show mascara in black and used an angle blush to fill in my brows with Bobbi Brown's Mahogany shadow.
I applied NARS madly blush to my cheeks and used Smashbox's Flamenco (just a dab to the centre of cheeks to add a slight pop of 'peachy' colour).  I then lined my lips with Lancome's Bronzelle liner and mixed 2 of NARS lipsticks - Beautiful Liar and Blonde Venus - I love the natural flush these two shades mixed together create!

I like being able to play around with various shades and I love how soft and luxurious NARS products feel - they are easy to blend together and you can create various looks.  I still like my staples from other cosmetic companies, but I have to say that NARS may just be my favourite!!!

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