Friday, September 2, 2011

The 'Kelly' Purse

Named after the famous Grace Kelly, the Hermes 'Kelly' purse is said to be the epitomy of elegance and style when it comes to purses.  I recently re-watched the movie 'Le Divorce' and was inspired to write about the 'Kelly'.  I recall reading somewhere that Grace Kelly used this purse to hide her pregnancy.  Since then, its been idealized as classic and elegant, all the things Grace Kelly was known to be.  Women all over the world have been drawn to this purse, wanting to channel their own inner sophistication.  Starting from $4000, the 'Kelly' is not a purse everyone can afford, but we can 'dream'.  I think what also made this purse such an inspiration is that Grace Kelly herself went from rags to riches - she gained some fame in her acting career, but then became a symbol of regal elegance when she married the Prince of Monaco!  I think there is a part of each of us that feels a little bit more like a princess with the purchase (or least the dream of a purchase) of a purse like the 'Kelly'.  We are all inspired by women like Grace Kelly and Kate Middleton - we've all had that princess dream!  One day I hope to own a 'Kelly' - it will be a 'dream' come true for me.  Until that time, I will find other ways to channel my inner princess!!!

I love the look of the scarf tied around a purse and this Kelly purse with a rich shade of cobalt blue is simply devine!!!

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