Monday, September 12, 2011

Pigalle - NARS

Pigalle lipstick by NARS is a little bit difficult to describe - its not a full brown, pink or beige, but seems to be somewhere in the middle of all three, with a hint of plum mixed in too.  NARS cosmetics website describes it as a pink-chocolate type shade and I guess to a degree, that is somewhat correct.  Regardless of trying to define what type of colour Pigalle is, it is a stunning colour - its one of those colours that when you finally pick it up and try it, you'll probably say to yourself "where have you been hiding all my life?  Why didn't I think to try you on before?" (I'm saying this from personal experience because that is exactly the reaction I got when I tried it on).  Since its a classic 'your lips but better' shade, I decided to create a look around Pigalle that is natural, yet enhances my features:

For this look I started with my favourite basic eye, Navajo as a base (Bobbi Brown), NARS ashes to ashes from lid to crease, MAC's copperplate in the crease/outer corner.  I lined by eyes with MAC's Smolder and smudged NARS's night breed shadow into the upper-lash line, completing the look with Dior-show mascara in black.
I used Ambering Rose (MAC) as a blush and applied Smashbox's 'Flamenco' shadow as a pop of colour in the centre of the cheek (I love the effect this created!!!)
I lined my lips with Lancome's Bronzelle and then filled my lips in with Pigalle!

I think this is a very classic everyday look, perfect for the office or when you just want to look fresh, healthy and pretty!

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Kimberly said...

Such a pretty color. This would definitely make a great everyday lipstick, or when you feel like being a little more natural :)