Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Noa Tishby

There are women who are pretty, women who are bombshells, women who are sirens and then there are women that simply 'Oooze' with exotic sensuality.  When I think about a classic exotic woman, Noa Tishby seems to come to mind.  She has that golden, warm undertone and looks stunning in the spicy, parprika type reds.  Noa is a stunning autumn in my opinion, she wears the golden, orange and spicy peach shades so well.  Here is a little tribute to the various looks of Noa Tishby:

This is one of my all time favourite photos of Noa - I love that spicy, brick red lipstick on her - she is so, so beautiful and when it comes to makeup and putting looks together, she is sort of my secret muse!  I really like how Noa's medium golden locks support her warm skintone and work together with the rest of her look!!!

Here is another stunning look on Noa and further proof that she rocks that spicy red lip so well - It should really be her signature shade!!!  I like how elegant this look works with the black dress - its perfect for an evening out or glam look!  I think that you need to be confident to work a spicy red lip (or any red lipstick for that matter) - Noa just seems to make it look so effortless!!!  Its almost as if, she owns the red lipstick vs the colour owning her!

I adore this warm soft look on Noa Tishby!  This is the perfect everyday look for her - her eyes just seem to glow - she looks angelic, like a true Goddess!  She almost looks like someone you'd love to just sit down and talk with for hours over a cup of coffee, a true 'sweet girl next door' appeal! 

I saved the best for last - I love everything about Noa Tishby in this photo - the gold top she's wearing, her orange-red lip, her golden brown haircolour, the thick warm gold hoop earings - there is no question in my mind that Noa is a true autumn - she really comes to life in these shades!!!

Noa Tishby has that chic look combined with exotic femininity - she is definitely an inspiration for me when it comes to makeup (even though I often wear cooler shades, I love how she puts her makeup looks together)!!!  I think that its important to find makeup muses - women who inspire you to look your best, try a new look or colour etc - if you have a few makeup muses, you actually start seeing a pattern - a look almost seems to emerge!  I have a few makeup muses and I've noticed that I'm a little complex - I like a classic-chic look in combination with am exotic, avant-garde appeal.  Who is your makeup muse and what looks do you like?  I'm curious to hear your responses!!!

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