Sunday, July 19, 2015

Finding your best Nude Lipstick!

I've noticed something very interesting since I've started my makeup wardrobe decluttering - I noticed that I was always on the quest for my best nude lipstick shade and was always getting it 'wrong' - I think part of that was because I was going towards the dusky pinks and pink toned beiges. Lately, I've been wearing the peach toned beiges, coral beiges and honey toned beiges and I notice a significant difference - warmth suits me much better!  Part of figuring out your best nude lipstick is figuring out the base of that nude and which looks the best on you - something cooler, pink beige or warmer, honey beige.  A light seashell pink or peach lies somewhere in between the two!  I've noticed a huge different too between wearing the cooler grey-blue shades of liner vs the warmer bronze/brown shades - warm tones seem to work much better.  You'd think that after 3 years of being on a colour journey that I would know this already?  I do seem to tee-totter a lot, but I'm not at all phased by that or see that as a negative - each time I make this kind of discovery or a-ha moment, I gain more confidence in what's right for me.  The thing that you don't get to see on this blog, is how much this journey has made me a better makeup artist when working on others.  It's really sharpened my skills!!!  Anyhow, tee-tottering all, here is my return to the 'warm side' of things:

I like that I took this photo in a very natural light and setting - I'm wearing trace gold and sincere blush by MAC.  I added the trace gold to my eyes as a shadow shade (lid to crease) and blended a lighter gold shade into the crease.  I used MAC teddy eyeliner and used the gold shade in the too faced natural eyes palette to blend into the liner.  I lined my lips with MAC etcetera and filled them in with Honeylove lipstick (also MAC) - voila - the perfect natural look with an elegant nude lip!!!

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