Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Revisiting MAC Auburn

There is something that I love about a rich, dramatic and elegant makeup look.  I tend to go through makeup phases where I really like a natural look or a soft look or a warm look etc etc.  However, one look that I've always loved and keep coming back to, is one that is deeper, richer, more defined and contrasting.  I was playing around with my lip liners this morning, created various red shades.  One of the liners that I tried was MAC Auburn Lip Liner.  I haven't worn auburn in a while, so I tried it with various shades.  Finally, I stumbled upon the combination of Auburn paired with NARS Fire Down Below!!!  It was a makeup 'a-ha' moment for me.  Auburn is rich, deep and warm and Fire Down Below is a deep, neutral red!  I decided that I needed a rich and deep eye makeup look too, so this is what I put together:

I used the following products to create this look:
MAC Smolder Eyeliner smudged with Embark and Smut shadows on the upper lashline Black Mascara MAC Raizin Blush MAC Auburn Lip Liner NARS Fire Down Below Lipstick.  I know that many of you like when a wear a more natural eye-makeup look, but I just love this deep, dramatic eye!!!  I love how the Auburn/Deep Red goes so well with the Black-Smokey eye!!!  :)

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