Monday, May 30, 2011

10 step beauty

I was recently checking something on the Bobbi Brown website when I found an article called '10-Step Beauty' - The article outlines Bobbi's 10 steps for a no-fail classic everyday look.  Bobbi claims that the key to that flawless, classic face is to follow these steps in order and always to start with a clean face (cleaser, followed by moisturizer) and to use an eye cream before starting your makeup routine.  Here are the steps:
1) Corrector and Concealer - I have to say that after using Bobbi's corrector and concealer for the past two weeks, I have noticed that my eyes look brighter and less tired - I use 'Bisque' Corrector and 'Warm Beige' Concealer Duo (it comes with a powder to help the concealer set properly)
2) Foundation - Currently I'm not using a foundation - I really like my Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in Nude, but I have been adding a few drops of NARS foundation (I got a sample size during my recent sephora purchase)
3) Powder/Bronzer - I have put Bobbi's powder on my wish-list, but I'm currently using MAC's Refined Golden Bronzer
4) Blush - I am currently using Tawny blush and Desert Rose blush as my 'pop of colour' - Bobbi believes that every women needs two blushes - one that looks like the natural colour your cheeks turn when you blush and another one that is a brighter 'pop of colour'.  I e-mail one of Bobbi's makeup artists and asked what makeup was used on the model for the article on her website and she told me that the model is wearing Sand Pink blush with Pale Pink as her 'pop of colour' shade. (If your interested in e-mailing an artist, simply visit Bobbi's website - they get back to you quite quickly and offer great advice - you can even chat live with an artist - its really cool)
5) Lipstick/Gloss - The model is wearing Brown with Buff Gloss - I don't have Brown lipcolour at home, but I do have Brownie Pink (which is VERY, Very close to Brown) - Both lipcolours are an amazing 'your lips but better' colour!
6) Lipliner - The model is wearing Brownie Pink, but I used Hover by MAC for my look!
7) Brow - I use Mahogany shadow to fill in my brows - the model is wearing Caviar shadow
8) Eyeshadow - Bobbi believes in a two step  eyeshadow application - a lighter base shade (Bone) and a natural colour on the lid up into the crease - both the model and I are wearing 'Cement' eyeshadow - its a lighter grey-beige shade - check out the shade below:

9) Eyeliner - the model is wearing Caviar eyeshadow - I don't have this shade, but to create a similar effect I lined my eyes with Smolder eyeliner byMAC (as close as possible to the lashline) and smudged Mahogany into the liner (both top and bottom)
10) Mascara - I used Loreal Voluminous mascara in carbon black - I'm not sure what mascara the model is wearing, but it is a black shade of mascara
To read more about the 10 step beauty, check out Bobbi's article:

Here is a photo of the model from the website:

Here is my attempt to create Bobbi's 10 Step Beauty Look using almost all the same shades:



Catherine Robinson said...

You applied it well...looks great!
I'm a huge Bobbi Brown fan and have been for years...
I think she is quite brilliant!
Just found your's lovely...I'm a new follower!

marymary said...

may i just say that this is a lovely cheerful blog.