Saturday, May 7, 2011

Elegant Red

Red is classic, stunning and perfect when you want to evoke an element of passion, flair and seductiveness.  Since embracing the my soft summer palette, I've been playing around with various red shades and have discovered that the best red for me has a soft burgundy undertone.  I particularily like the lipstick Partyline by MAC paired with their Burgundy lipliner.  I've had some requests to create a softer eye as well, to blend the liner more into the shadow on the lid to create a soft, smokey blend vs a distinct eyeliner look.  Since red looks best with an understated eye, I decided this was the perfect oppotunity to create that soft, blended eye look:

For the soft, sudged eye look I used the lightest colour in the cover girl 'urban basics' palette as a base all over the lid.  I then mixed MAC's concrete eyeshadow with Laura Mercier's Pewter eyeshadow.  I lined my eyes with coffee eyeliner by MAC and then smudged Pewter into the upper lashline, really blending the shadow into the liner and extending it up into the lid, so there would be no distinct 'liner' visible, but rather a smokey graduation of colour.  I blended Mocha blush with my bronzer for my cheeks (but I have my eye on a MAC blush called Dessert Rose that has a soft burgundy undertone - its gone on my wish-list).  I lightly outlined and filled in my lips with Burgundy lipliner and then applied partyline lipstick for a softer, but no less elegant red lip look!

I'm really liking Partyline as my best red at the moment - Its perfect for going out for a romantic dinner and when paired with the right outfit, it is classy enough to be worn during the day for a fresh business look!!!

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Anonymous said...

Perfect lip colour on you! You rock it!

However, I'm not too keen on the eye makeup. I think it's too grey. I know you're an SS, but I would love to see you in some more taupes and cool browns, as I think the grey jumps a little off your skin.