Saturday, May 21, 2011

100th Post - Spring/Summer Makeup!!!

I've hit a blogging milestone - this is offically my 100th post!!!  I'm really proud of this blog because it gives me the oppotunity to express my love for makeup and get creative with colours and styles.  My dream would be to become a makeup artist full time - right now its just a hobby and a huge passion of mine!!!
On that note, I decided to celebrate this post with some ideas for Spring and Summer makeup.  The first look I created is very subtle and the colours are neutral, yet elegant:

Ever since my Bobbi Brown make over, I've stayed true to the natural palette for my eyes - I'm wearing Mahogany shadow to fill in my brows, Navajo as a base all over the eye, Heather Mauve on my lid into the crease and Black Plum smudged into the top lash line (I'm wearing MAC's Coffee eyeliner)
On my cheeks I'm wearing Tawny blush (a subtle pinky bown shade that goes with 'everything' - I Love this blush - I used to wear it all the time when I was in university and recently re-discovered it - its a keeper for sure)!  I think that for summer, its important to stay true to your look and style - I don't particularily like rules that suggest you need to bring out the pastels for spring - I look corpse like in pastel shades and prefer to stay with my favourite softer, more neutral inspired shades.  I decided to wear 'Brownie Pink' on my lips -  I honestly think that of all the lipsticks I've ever owned, this is my true 'Your lips but better shade'.  I think this look works so well for the warmer months!

Spring/Summer Look #2 - Even though I've been blogging about my Soft Summer colouring - there is something about the coral/peach shades that keeps drawing me back - I finally came across a colour that fits into my Soft Summer palette - Carnation lipstick by Bobbi Brown - Carnation is a warm pink shade (leaning towards peach, but has just enough pink to keep it in the SS palette - I plan to play around with this colour a bit, trying it with different liners to see what I can come up with.  For this particular look, I decided to push the bounderies of my SS palette and take the colours slightly into the SA, even spring palette - I think makeup should be fun and if you like the look, work it!!!  I love the concept of colour analysis, but I also love the concept of being true to what you like to wear (no rules, no excuses, no lists)!!!:

I kept the eyes the same as the last look - I simply added a pop of colour to the cheeks (I applied Torrid blush by NARS right to the centre of the cheeks - I layered it over Tawny blush) and I changed the lip colour to Bobbi Brown's Carnation!

I'd love to hear your feedback about these looks and even tell me about YOUR favourite spring/summer looks!!!

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