Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ash Brown Hair Colour

I've been toying around with what colour to put in my hair next - I decided to stick with the cooler tones and try an Ash Brown shade.  Its a colour thats recommended for my seasonal palette as a SS.  I've absolutely fallen in love with my SS colours - I love the makeup shades and I've never felt more myself.  I've always had a slight warm undertone in my hair, be it brunette with auburn or chestnut undertones or simply a neutral brown with chestnut undertones.  I've never really tried the 'ash' tones until now - I'd love to hear your opinions on the colour - is it a good shade for me?  OR as a darker SS do I need some chestnut tones instead?

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Rachel said...

I think ash tones would be great for you. As a summer, they are definitely better for me--any warmth in my hair looks so...WRONG, and unfortunately when hair color fades on me, it usually gets really warm/brassy. I bought Aveda's Blue Malva conditioner to try to tone that down.