Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bobbi Brown Looks

Since having my Bobbi Brown makeover and reading that Kate Middleton was wearing Bobbi Brown products on the day of her wedding, I've really started to pay attention to Bobbi Brown's looks.  I have two of her books "Bobbi Brown Beauty Evolution' and 'Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual' that I recently re-read (or at least looked at the photographs and studied the looks in more details).  One of the things that I love about her makeup style, is the attention to the perfect canvas and the order in which makeup should be applied.  If you really pay close attention to the looks she creates, its all about creating a lightness and softness and most importantly using the "secret of the universe" as she calls it (her corrector and concealer) and finding the perfect foundation shade - one you have the perfect 'base' for makeup, anything goes - here are some of my all time favourite Bobbi Brown looks:

I love how this look is both dramatic, smokey yet natural and wearable.  This woman looks 'stunning' and sophisticated.  This is Bobbi's 'Chrome Collection' look.   I really like how Bobbi creates that timeless smokey eye and lighter nude lip look.  I don't know how she does it, but Bobbi is a genius at taking any look, making her own and making it wearable for all women!!!

I loved this look from the moment it came out - its Bobbi's 'Ivy League' Collection Look.  I watched a youtube segment about this look and Bobbi commented that this look is based on the 'autumn 1st day back at school' look - the colours are warmer, with hints of forest/spruce green and a brown based lip that is natural, yet elegant.  I have always been inspired by that natural, preppy makeup look and Bobbi does such a great job at creating that perfect preppy Ivy league look!!!

This look is from Bobbi's 2007 fall collection.  I love how the eye makeup is light and crisp and the rest of the face is neutral and natural.  There is no competition between colours and features here, everything just seems to be highlighted to perfection!!!

I'm not sure who this model is, but she is stunning in Bobbi's 'Go Nude' collection.  I love the contast between the soft, pink neutral shades and the models curly and free-spirited hair - this is such a great look!!!

This makeup is from the 'Platinum' collection.  The sheer metallic effect of the makeup is so pretty and feminine.  Paired against the platinum/silver necklace, this makeup takes it up a notch and would look amazing if you were going to a special event or party!  Yet, worn with a diamond pendant and diamond stud earings, its also workable for work and everyday!!!

I really like the soft and sheer blue and navy shadows in Bobbi's 'Nautical collection' - its such a soft look and doesn't look overpowering like some blue eyeshadow looks are.  Bobbi really knows how to add just the right intensity, pigment and colour into her products, while making them feel like silk against your skin!!!

This look is one of my absolute favourites and its Bobbi's most recent collection and currently in stores - this look is the 'Almost Bare' collection.  I love it because the colours are 'just right' to create that natural, 'I see you, not your makeup' look.  I also love the balance between the features.  The brows are defined perfectly, the eyes are defined 'just enough' without being too heavy and the lips are that perfect 'your lips but better' shade.  This look is what makeup should always be about - bringing out your best self and letting the person shine vs the makeup!!!

I had to include one of Bobbi Browns 'Bridal' looks - she really seems to understand what a Bride needs and how makeup should look when you're the Bride.  Its not overdone, but its not neutral and bare either - its pretty, feminine, with a touch of pink and a defined freshness.  The model in this photo looks fresh, natural and really sophisticated.  It reminds me a little bit of Kate's wedding look - the bride still looks like herself, but better - she's centre stage, her beauty is revealed and accented through the makeup!!!

I wanted to save the best for last - next to the almost bare collection, this is the look that I admire the most - its Bobbi's 'Mauve' collection.  I love how soft and feminine this look is - the colours are simply divine in this collection -  I have always liked shades of mauve and find them to be such flattering makeup shades.  I think this model looks so elegant and charming!!!

I hope that you ejoyed my little tribute to Bobbi Brown's makeup looks - the more I read about her philosphy about makeup, the more I admire her and her collections.  I'm become a true Bobbi fan!!!

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One of the models is Denise Vasi. Half Dominican and half Greek.