Friday, May 13, 2011

Bobbi Brown Makeover

This past Thursday I had the most amazing experience at a Bobbi Brown special event in Holt Renfrew.  I got to meet Kim Soane, who works with Bobbi everyday and is one of her lead makeup artists. Kim has done many fashion shows and worked on celebrities.  She didn't do my makeup herself, but walked around as people were having their makeup done and offered advice and helped pick colours.  She was amazing!!!  She complimented me on my eyes and suggested that I do a sheer neutral eye with a liner in a deeper shade and let my natural eyecolour stand out vs wearing too much colour - she explained Bobbi's philosophy in detail for me and it made a lot of sense.  She said that everyone has a yellow undertone to their skin (which is why Bobbi's foundations are all yellow based) and the key is not to use makeup to hide features that you want to correct, but rather emphasize your best features.  Kim suggested that I should let my eyes be the focus and go for a more soft, neural lip.  I 'loved' the end result of the makeover and I am totally grateful to have met Kim - she has changed my opinion on makeup slightly and I have to say, that I think I'm going to become a bit of a Bobbi Brown junkie -her products are amazing:

After showing me Bobbi's skin care and applying a moisturizer, the makeup artist used the corrector in 'Bisque' and the 'Warm Beige' concealer and the applied the skin-natural foundation. She used Desert Rose blush and for the lips, she applied Blush lip colour, Blondie Pink lipliner and Buff 'glitter' lipgloss.
To bring out my eyes, she used Navajo shimmer shadow under the brow, Heather Mauve from the lid into the crease and Lavender shadow on the inner part of the eye-lid near the tear-ducts.  She used Expresso Gel liner and Black Plum liner on the lower lash line and blended into the Gel liner.  She finished the look by using a black mascara called 'Party'!

I ended up getting a personal palette for myself with the eyeshadows and th blush - these are going to be my 'staples' - I am so in love with these colours and interestingly enough, they still stay true to my Soft Summer palette!  I also love the nude-pink lipstick look!  I'm definitely going to start reading more about Bobbi's philosophy on makeup - she really beleives in letting your inner beauty shine through and her entire product line is created so that you see yourself vs the makeup - Thanks Bobbi - You Rock!!!


Rachel said...

That look is really pretty! Great soft summer shades. I will have to try the lipstick. I finally tried Cosmo at MAC today! It's definitely a my-lips-but-better shade--thanks so much for the recommendation!

Gina said...

I also love the look, and I love Bobbi Brown's approach to beauty and to life. Check your local library for her books, as they are wonderful to read and study.