Sunday, May 22, 2011

The 'Warmer' Side of Summer

In my previous post I blogged about 2 new looks I created for the spring/summer months.  In the second look I created I used 'Carnation' lipstick by Bobbi Brown.  I took a good, hard look at the photos and I realized that the colour on its own is too bright and coral-like for my Soft Summer complexion.  However, it got me thinking - since Soft Summers are Summers that flow into Autumn - how 'warm' can a soft summer go???  I got out my trusted colour analysis books and looked up all the colours that belong to SS - the only 'warm' lip shade listed is a 'warm pink'.  On the Bobbi Brown website, Carnation is described as a "peachy light pink".  I decided to play around with Carnation a bit, mixing it with a few other shades and liners until I created a shade that I think is the 'perfect' warm pink for a Soft Summer.  I go agree that SS's best lipshades are a rosy-brown, soft plum and mulberry.  However, its nice to play around with all the colours in our palette:

For this look I started with a basic concealer and my Laura Mercier Tinted moisturizer.  I lightly dusted on MAC's Refined Golden Bronzer and used Bobbi Brown's Tawny blush on my cheeks.  For my eyes, I used Navaj as a base and mixed Copperplate and Brun shadows (by MAC) and applied this from the lid into the crease.  I used Coffee eyeliner and smudged 'Embark' into the upper lashline and finished by applying black mascara.  For the lips I applied 'Blondie Pink' lipliner by Bobbi Brown and layered Carnation on the top!

I like how this look is much softer than wearing Carnation on its own - its nice to be able to have a warmer colour in your palette, but that still stays true to the SS shades!!!

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Anonymous said...

IMO, the eyes look great, whereas the lips don't. Too opaque and light. The eye colors are so much more flattering on you than the grays you go for all the time. I'd like to see you in matte eyeshadows and sheerer lips.