Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Find YOUR Kibbe Style Type!!!

Some people have asked me how they can find their style type and where can they take the style quiz.  This post is dedicated to answering that request.

I want to first start out by saying that I think style is very personal.  I think that you can take a million style tests, but in the end they should act as a 'guide' not as something set in stone. Some people are just naturally drawn to a particular style and they recognize it right away in stores or in magazines.  Other people can spend years looking and perfecting their 'style'. Also, some people suit their style really well, while I think other people try to force a style and in the end, it doesn't really work for them.  My personal advice, is to take some time to get to know yourself - what do you like?  what inspired you?  what is your personality like?  what type of home decor are you attracted to? etc etc.  Knowing your 'self' will help you get a head start because it means your starting your quest being open-minded about who you are and what you want out of life!

Also, please keep in mind that David Kibbe wrote his book .Metamorphisis in the 1980's, so some of the questions and information you read may seem 'dated', but the style types can still be applied today.  The one thing I found difficult soon after learning my style type was what modern day celebrities can I find as inspiration?  I found that instead of looking for a person to look up, it was easier to find a look that inspired me.  For example, being a soft classic, I've always been drawn to stores that have that soft, preppy, classic edge - Banana Republic, Tommy Hilfiger, J Crew etc.

For the main on-line Kibbe source, it is best to check out this website:

Once you get onto the website, look for the DAVID KIBBE'S METAMORPHOSIS EXAMPLE TEST  Here is a direct link to the test: http://seasonalcolor.yuku.com/topic/37/DAVID-KIBBE-S-METAMORPHOSIS-EXAMPLE-TEST
It is important to be very honest when taking this test - some people have found that they have better luck letting their best friend, husband, mother etc take the test for them - being objective is very important because Kibbe is not just about finding a look you like, its about accepting a look that suits your body type and facial structure (i.e. you may 'want' be a gamine, but it may not suit your body type and facial structure, so in the end you need to be honest with yourself if you want to find your best look.)  Think of a petite women with soft facial features - she won't exactly glow as a dramatic type and similarily, a woman with a tall, dramatic body frame and facial features will look quite silly wearing frills and bows that belong to the romantic style type.  Also, if you get dominant D's and E's, especially as a combination (as I did) you may want to look to either Theatrical Romantic or Soft Classic as a dominant type.  Remember, there is more to learning about your type than just taking a test - the test is not 100% accurate for all people all the time, but its a great tool to help steer you in the right direction.

Another way that people have success finding their type is to look at the celebrity collages.  Some people notice right away which collage they fall into or feel more a-like - other people find it helps to use photoshop and add a photo of themselves (a head shot) into the collage.  I find that if you 'blend' into the collage and other people have a hard time finding your photo in the collage, you've found your best fit - if you stick out like a sore thumb, you probably don't harmonize well with that style type.  Here is a link to the celebrity collages: http://seasonalcolor.yuku.com/topic/214/Kibbe-Celebrity-Collages

Once you find that you feel really at home with a particular style, its time to start using the other links on the yuku website to read as much as you can about the style types.  You will find that knowing your style type is more than just what clothes you should wear - its really a helpful compass to show you your ultimate best self - what type of makeup application suits your type, what type of hairstyle fits in with your style, finding accessories that compliment you vs overpower you etc etc - its really about finding a personalized 'look' and most importantly a harmonious look!  Its similar to finding your best colours, your best colours harmonize with the colouring that nature gave you.  Once you know your style and learn about what your style can do - the combinations of looks you can come up with are inspiring and original and most important, they will 'harmonize' with every aspect of who you are - you will shine, not your clothes.  Its like that saying "she will wear the dress, the dress won't wear her"!!!

Wishing you all the best of luck finding your style types - I'd love to hear back from you and learn from your personal experiences!


Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

What helped me, finally, was to look at all the celebrity examples and compare face shapes. I was already pretty sure my style would be one of the "naturals," so I started there, and sure enough, felt like I was similr in face shape to the natural celebs.

Great post!

Renata said...

THanks Jeanine for the feedback and for posting what helped you best find your style. I think for some women, their style is evident to them right away or tbey just know they are one of the types but not sure if they are a sub-type or not. For me, I was torn between Theatrical Romantic (a romantic with classic influence), a Soft Classic (a dominant classic with romantic influence) and Dramatic Classic (classic with a dramatic influence). Similarily with you, comparing myself to the celebrity collages helped the most because I just fit in so well with the soft classic women - in fact, some of my earlier posts touch on this subject (esp my comparison with a younger Meryl Streep - we have very similar facial structures and features). Its not a science, but its a great help to know that the test in combination with the collages is a great way to narrow down your style type!!!

Style Gal said...

Kibbe is conducting Style consults in NYC. You can finally get an answer to all of those nagging questions, AND even get to go shopping with him! He has lots of information on his facebook page :D. https://www.facebook.com/davidkibbemetamorphosis

Renata said...

Thanks Style Gal!!!

Anonymous said...

my world has been rocked. For years, ever since seeing Kibbe quiz in magazine in 1980's, I thought I was a gamine. and drifted toward that, with a hit of mod style. I just reviewed this again, honestly, looking at celeb pix, and I see that I am theatrical romantic. This plus seeing that I am type 2 DYT and not type 1, which was EXHAUSTING, and I need a nap. I will get up and review my wardrobe. WOW. advice welcomed. I am in my 50's, I was wondering what an older gamine should wear, and now I don't have to think about that anymore!