Saturday, December 3, 2011

The marriage of Mocha and Copper

Today I woke up, tried a natural makeup look and then realized that I needed to get a pair of pants hemmed so I braved the crazy Christmas shoppers and went to the mall.  Of course, there was the usual 'shop for an hour while you wait for your pants to get done' and what stores did I go into?  This is not a trick question - lol - Sephora and MAC of course!!!  I think I have a better understanding of my True Autumn palette, so when I saw Make Up For Ever's #54 eyeshadow it was 'Love' at first sight.  To me the colour looked like a warm ambe-brown, but the colour itself is called 'copper' - its not the usual shimmery copper you'd expect, its actually more of a muted, matte copper, which is what makes it so wonderful!!!

After my wonderful purchase at Sephora, I walked just around the corner to my favourite and trusted MAC Store, where my eye kept on gravitating towards Mocha lipstick - I have talked to fellow True Autumns on one of the facebook group pages I follow called '12 Blueprints' (if you're interested in colour analysis, this is a fantastic forum with wonderful ladies who share ideas, information and makeup looks - Also, the creator of the site Christine Scaman, just wrote a new book called 'Return to Your Natural Colours' - check out her blog post for more details: ).  I tried on Mocha in the store and the Make-Up artist there said she's never seen Mocha look so natural and have a 'Your Lips but Better' effect - that was all it took, I walked home with Mocha as well! 

I found that both these shades were perfect for an everyday True Autumn look - the warmth of the eyeshadow in combination with the natural lip-colour is both elegant, soft and classic. In fact, it fits in very well with my Kibbe Soft Classic style.  For the following look, I used Loreal's W4 concealer and foundation, MAC's Gold Deposit powder and Gingerly blush.  On my eyes, I started with NARS silent night, added #54 shadow from the lid into the crease and then lined my eyes with MAC's Teddy eyeliner and blended NARS Bengali shadow into the upper lash-line.  I used Loreals Voluminous Brown-black mascara.  I then finished off the look with MAC's Mocha lipstick:

I think that the marriage of #54 eyeshadow and Mocha lipstick create the perfect True Autumn natural look!!!


Liz said...

I LOVE that lipstick on you.

Renata said...

Thanks very much Liz - I finally feel like I've found the perfect 'my lips but better' shade - something I've been looking for since I've discovered makeup! Curently, I've been wearing Mocha with Chicory lipliner by MAC - I'm loving the combination!