Saturday, December 10, 2011

Laura Mercier Spiced Cider and Cinnamon

Laura Mercier cosmetic products are top quality.  Her blushes feel like silk against your face and the lipsticks glide on smooth and leave you lips feeling moisturized.  I'm really starting to notice that although its more expensive (i.e. paying $30 dollars for a blush vs $7 at the drugstore), the way the products look against your skin and the way they make you feel is really 'worth it'!  Recently, a FB friend on the 12 blueprints company page that I follow (I'm a huge fan!) recommended that I try Laura Mercier's 'Spiced Cider' blush.  I did some internet/google research before I went to Sephora and couldn't help but notice that Cinnamon lipstick is a lipstick 'match' to the Spiced Cider blush.  I was lucky enough to be able to exchange some products that I purchased in the past and never really used and swaped them for the products I wanted.  I walked out Sephora with a few Laura Mercier products.  I got the #4 Secret Camouflage, Black-Copper eyeliner, Spiced Cider Blush and Cinnamon lipstick.  I had already done my eye-makeup that morning and didn't want to muck it up, so when I got home I just applied the blush and lipstick and of course checked to see if it matched my colour swatch and it absolutely did.  I want to thank my FB friend (she knows who she is :) and I always appreciate her advice) for making this recommendation because I absolutely LOVE this lipstick/blush combo:

This is Laura Mercier's Cinnamon lipstick - a perfect blend with the TA colour fan - I was really excited to see how well this colour harmonizes with my skin-tone and its very different from all the other TA lipsticks I own which are more peachy, coppery and orangy.  This colour is more of a warm peachy-rose shade (if that makes any sense) and I noticed that it looks AMAZING against my brown and warm beige toned tops.  The spiced cider blush is a perfect match to this lipstick and fits in perfectly with these colour swatches.

For this look I started with Bobbi Brown Warm Beige concealer and W4 foundation by Loreal.  I used NARS Silent night as an eyeshadow base and then applied Make Up For Ever #54-Copper eyeshadow from lid to crease.  I used Teddy eyeliner on the top and bottom lashline (MAC) and then smudged NARS Galapagos into the upper lashline and also used this shade to define my brows.  I then applied Laura Mercier's Spiced Cider blush and Cinnamon lipstick.  I think that this is going to become a staple TA look for me.  The whole look seems so balanced and the shades all harmonize!!!


Anonymous said...

I think you look really healthy and natural here

Renata said...

Thank you!!!