Thursday, December 29, 2011

Finding Harmony in Landscapes

One of the best ways of seeing if your colouring really works within a particular season is to see your features against a lanscape of that season.  I was inspired by my many facebook friends that have been creating various photos of themselves against their seasons landscape.  One Deep Winter women attached a photo of herself in a dark winter landscape - the result was this striking harmony - her features, colouring, skin, eyes etc - they all harmonized with the landscape.  Another woman who is a cool winter, looked so striking and powerful against a cool winter lanscape.  The result was not overt coolness, but a crisp, striking beauty - it was amazing to see her beauty come across with her seasons landscape in the background.  I'm not very tech savy, so a good FB friend put these together for me - they are various photos of me against my seasons lanscape - Its so amazing for me to see the harmony that is evident is each one of these photos, but the absolute best are the True Autumn landscapes that are rich and warm!

Of all the Autumn lanscape photos, I think this one is my all time favourite - every single colour within this lanscape harmonizes with my colouring - even my eyes seem to somehow be reflected in the water.   I feel very relaxed looking at myself in this landscape - it feels like 'home'!

I feel like my skin is reflected in the lightest shades of the warm rusty-sky.  I absolutely adore the warm browns in this photo in combination with the warm peaches and rust shades.  I also feel very 'at home' in this photo an I think I'm going to use this photo to help guide my makeup choices - I love the warm, earthy elements!!!

I recall trying to a very soft, true autumn makeup look for this photo and although I think I look good in this photo, I wish I had gone even warmer, perhaps using more amber and rust shades - I still see harmony, but not as much as when I wear the spicy, warm shades.  My makeup seems more 'soft' vs true autumn and its making me look too pink.  The top I'm wearing is awesome, but I'm really going to have to stick to the true warm and rustic makeup shades of my true autumn palette!

When I look at this photo I feel gentle and calm - my makeup is still soft, but its 'warmer' and I feel it harmonizes better with the warm colours of these flowers.  I think that if there were added brown, gold and rust tones in this photo, it would harmonize even better!  I'm really drawm to the warm yellow and rust shades in this landscape - I find the peachy/tangerine flowers a little too spring like for my complexion - I need the muted, spicy warm shades!

Last but not least, here is a bright autumn landscape - again, the harmony is amazing here - I feel really at home and like these are 'my' colours.  I feel my makeup helps me really be a part of this landscape.  After looking at my makeup and seeing how the various colours react to the various landscapes, I'm seeing that the warm, spicy 'Chili' red is really by best red, along with the earthy-brown lipstick 'Photo' (both by MAC) - they seem to harmonize the best and bring me to life within the landscapes!!!

Being able to see myself against these landscapes and seeing how well the warm earth tones harmonize with my skin and palette, really makes the True Autumn colours 'real' for me - I feel like I really belong, even more than ever and I feel a gentless and calmness when I see how well the warmth harmonizes with my colouring!!!

If you're not sure what your season is, try putting adding a photo of yourself to the different landscapes of the seasons, perhaps you will feel really at home in one of them and it will help you in determining your best season.  Getting draped is really the way to go, but if you can't - try this experiement and see where you feel you 'fit' - you may be amazed!!!!


Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

Renata, I love that first picture and the harmony between your picture and the landscape! And what a great idea for people to do that who might not be sure of their season.

Renata said...

Thanks Jeanine - I was so inspired to see others look amazing against their landscapes that I just had to see for myself how well I would fit into the TA landscape and I think its safe to say that I feel really at home against the autumn lanscapes - I agree, its a great way to help narrow down your season - I think you see the 'harmony' right away!

Anonymous said...

When you have less makeup on, not so much. The first blush sort of stands on top of your skin tone in an orange color although it blends nicely with the look and landscape, I'm thinking it may not be the best. How about trying the various scapes/backgrounds without makeup to see how well you blend? Have fun with your endeavors, you are obviously very creative! Every time I come across your blog I find posts I haven't even seen yet. ~D