Friday, December 2, 2011

Personal Palette from my Colour Draping

Its difficult to descibe the colours I was draped in this past fall, so I decided to take some photos of the palette I was given.  Each of the mini fabric swatches in my personal palette, were the same fabrics used in the actual draping:

I also wanted to include a photo of the sci/art True Autumn swatch fan for comparison:

I don't know if it has anything to do with the way these colour swatches are presented, but I'm finding that the colours I was draped in are just slightly brighter than the sci/art swatches.  If this is the case, then I can totally see how I can be more of a bright autumn:

 - What do you think?  I'd love to hear your opinion!
DO you see me more as a Bright Autumn or True 'Classic' Autumn???


Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

I think the only way to know for sure is to try some things on, Renata. That's how I began to realize I needed clearer colors.

But yes, if the colors you were given are brighter and they were tested against the same colors, but more muted, then yes, you would be a bright autumn, I think.

Margo said...

I think you are a bright Autumn, Renata. Clerer colors look better on you than more muted. What is color of your eyes?

Renata said...

Hi Margo,
My eyes are multi-coloured - they are grey-green blue with amber flecks in the centre!

Margo said...

Renata, thank you for your quick response! The color of your eyes is beautiful. And you have a bright appearance. Than's why I think you a bright Autumn. We have some similiraty in colors but the color of my eyes is more green. I am a Contrasting Emeraude Autumn. Perhaps if I had sci/art color analysis I would be a True Autumn. I still do not have a very clear picture about difference between green-eyed Deep/Dark Autumn and True Autumn. I wear some winter colors including black and before I thought I was closer to DA. But looking at your nice photos I started to think more about TA. Well, I wish I have less questions. But I am like you the type of person who is always seeking and learning. Color is my big passion.

Anonymous said...

I know this is an old blog (post) but, haha, so funny.... "I", too, am a Contrasting Emeraude Autumn though that color analysis system is no longer around since being purchased by CMB (and they adhere to the 4 season system once again) and so I recently read the book with Bright Autumn illustration and could relate...AND have also, ironically, recently been contemplating as to wether or not I may be a Dark Autumn or a True Autumn according to the more popular of today's color systems, so it's a small world, eh?

I do wonder how Margo made out and whether she solved "her" mystery, do you know?

Well, thank you, Renata, for a super blog and congrats on 'your' mystery being solved! 😀

Renata said...

THanks Anonymous! I actually have an update. I was recently re-draped by another analyst and I am in fact a WARM autumn, not a 'true' , which is even more consistent to the bright autumn. A Warm autumn flows between autumn/spring and has a lot of lovely medium shades - if you check out some of my more recent posts, I did a few new ones with photos of my palette!