Tuesday, May 12, 2015

'Best Colors' Look - InStyle

A few weeks ago I read an interesting post on the In-Style website about 'Finding Your Best Colors'.  What I noticed about the recommendations is that the shades really do enhance your natural skintone and features.  I decided to create a look based on the recommendations for the 'Medium to Medium-Deep' Skintone.  I didn't use the exact colours recommended because I didn't have all of them, but I matched them as closely as I could.

For the eyes, the article recommended copper and bronze/brown tones, so I used 'Marche aux Puces' eyeshadow duo by MAC and Teddy eyeliner.  Next, I applied Sincere blush by MAC - a soft coral/peach colour was recommended.  Finally, for the lips, the article suggested a sheer berry tone, so I decided to try NARS Shrinagar lipstick, which is a cool-berry tone, but also applies very sheer.  Here is the look:

I really like this look - I think the coppery/bronze tones bring out the blue in my eyes and the berry lip mimics my natural lip shade.  I'm definitely going to keep playing around with a warmer copper/gold/bronze eye and cooler-berry lip combination.  I think it's polished yet classic!


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Anonymous said...

Odd because I wouldn't think of that lipstick as being particularly autumn, because it looks great on you! You definitely have a secondary season in you somewhere. I'm definitely an autumn, but some bright spring colors are part of my best colors I've noticed for wardrobe.

Renata said...

Anonymous - I do definitely have some summer season in me - I've decided on Soft Summer as my best!