Friday, May 29, 2015

NARS Oasis Blush

Oasis Blush by NARS has been a 'Holy-Grail' find for me.  I love everything about this colour and I feel that is possibly the most harmonious shade for my skin tone that I've ever come across!!!  On the NARS website it's described as a 'pink-champagne' colour, which to me is sort of a 'rose-gold' shade!  Its definitely a pretty mauve-taupe-pink shade with a subtle gold shimmer!!!

I love the fact that Oasis harmonizes so well with my skin tone and is neutral enough to compliment almost else that I wear, from my brighter blouses to my most natural-taupe tops.  This is a keeper for sure!!!  For this look, I wanted to keep the lips neutral enough to compliment the blush and then do a more cool-brown subtle smokey eye.  For the lips I applied Rimmel 'Taupe' liner, which is actually an eyeliner, but its soft and light enough to be used as a 'mixer' shade with lipsticks.  I then applied Hourglass 'Fawn' lipstick - a new favourite - I can't wait to create a post about it!  For the eyes, I applied a liner from Sephora called 'Tiramisu' - its a neutral-cool shade, almost a brown-taupe-cocoa shade, but deeper!  I created a thicker line on top and then blended in Revlon 'Cocoa' eyeshadow to create a smokey effect!

I'm finding myself creating a new makeup 'wardrobe', filled with essentials that really compliment my own personalized palette (vs following a seasonal makeup recommendation).  I'm looking forward to sharing some new finds soon :)

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