Monday, June 1, 2015

Return to the 'Euro Chic' Look

Two things have recently really inspired me.  First, watching the French Open Tennis and second, studying the style of Charlotte Casiraghi.  In both cases, my love and admiration of the 'European Chic' Look is coming back.  You may be thinking, why would the French Open Tennis Tournament be inspiring me? Well, it takes place in Paris and when you watch the people in the crowds, everyone looks so 'chic' - one woman in the sports arena was wearing a striped 3/4 shirts with a beige toned blazer, summer hat, elegant scarf etc - all just to watch Tennis.  It makes you really sit back and think about why the French are so elegant - they take time to look good no matter where they are and what they are doing.  They are so elegant, simple and polished classic style!

Charlotte Casiraghi is the ultimate in European Chic - the Princess of Monaco has that natural elegance.  I love seeing what makeup look she's wearing.  I've noticed that she likes to play up the lips and leave the eyes natural OR create a very natural, everyday pretty look.  I tried to re-create her style and I went out of my comfort zone a little bit,  Instead of applying eyeliner all around my eye, like I normally do, I only applied it on the upper lash line, using a very natural shade - Sephora 'Tiramisu' and smudging MAC Coppertone into the liner so it doesn't look like a harsh, dark line.  I then picked a very natural and pink-toned blush and lipstick shade - NARS 'Oasis' Blush and Sandwash Pink lipstick by Bobbi Brown!  I think that I'm really liking the more natural eye liner look and I'm going to try and wear this look more often!!! :)

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