Friday, June 5, 2015

Classic French Chic

With all my reading about the French Chic look, I keep coming back to this basic, yet classic look - The Red Lip!!!  In trying my best to create a more simple makeup wardrobe, I sat down and made a list of all the lipstick I wear/own and what purpose they serve in my life.  I want a simple, yet functional makeup wardrobe.  I starting seeing a pattern, when the lipsticks I wear and like the most are the ones I picked up and discovered when I was in Paris.  I realized that the lipsticks that I like the best are the ones that fit the following classic French Chic lipstick looks:
1) The classic Red Lip
2) The everyday neutral
3) The polished deep rose shade

I have my basic 3, plus 2 others that I wear quite often, so I've decided to pick a 5 lipstick standard for myself :)

Today I felt the 'Classic Red Lip' look - I've been inspired by all the pinterest pics about 'Classic French Chic' - the Red Lip is all three things in one - Classic, Uber-French and Chic!  Here is the look I created:

I started this look with my basic concealer and tinted moisturizer.  I then created a subtle smokey eye - I know that a lot of times, the Chic French eye makeup look is very natural/minimal, but I feel that my eyes need a little bit more definition.  Its a look I like!!!  I mixed Bobbi Brown Navajo and Cement and applied this to my lids and just into my crease.  I then lined my eyes with Sephora Tiramisu (my favourite cooler-brown toned eyeliner) and smudged Bobbi Brow's black plum shadow into the liner.  I used a simply black mascara to finish the eye look.  For the Lips - my favourite red that I picked up in Paris - YSL #1 Le Rouge!!! :)

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