Thursday, June 11, 2015

Chanel Indecise

To my dismay, the Chanel lipstick Caractere that I've been writing about the past couple of posts has been discontinued!  I guess I haven't visited the Chanel counter often enough :(

As sad as I am about this, my impulsive self gave myself permission to see what new colours Chanel has.  I'm very serious about creating a simple and minimal makeup wardrobe for myself and I have to say I'm almost there.  I have my top 4-5 shades picked out for lipstick!  Since I'll be taking Caractere off the list in the near future, once I run out of this beautiful shade, I'll be replacing it with this shade 'Chanel Indecise'.  It's not the same shade as Caractere at all, but I absolutely love it!  In fact, its the most elegant nude/natural lipstick I've ever tested and tried:

The colour itself is a very sheer pink-peach neutral.  It also pairs so well together with NARS Oasis blush - the two seem to be made for each other!!!  For my eye makeup, I wanted to pick up on the subtle warmth of Indecise, so I used a honey shadow on the lid (from the too faced natural eye palette), Teddy eyeliner from MAC on the upper lashline only and then smudged the darkest bronze shade from the too faced natural eye palette into the Teddy Liner.  Simple, minimal and elegant!!!


Anonymous said...

So very pretty on you, too!

Renata said...

THank you Annonymous