Monday, June 15, 2015

Taupe Lipstick MAC

I've noticed lately a pattern with myself with being drawn to neutral/natural shades.  In my continued exploration of what shades I want to be part of my 'makeup wardrobe' - I'm looking for colours that are classic, polished, go with everything and work with every season.  Since, I'm not really confident in the system of colour analysis anymore (those who don't know me - I can fit into many different colour seasons, but feel my base is somewhere between Autumn and Summer) - my new approach is to get to know my own personal colours and style - what colours do I know suit me regardless of what season they fit into?  What's my personal style and how does my makeup look support/work with that style?  I made a discovery this week when I put all my lipsticks together and started looking and how each one fits into my daily style/look - my eye kept on going back to Taupe by MAC.  I have my current favourite everyday casual neutrals - Blonde Venus by NARS and Chanel Indecise, but I feel like I needed a more polished - day into night neutral - something that leans into the reds, but not 'red' - Taupe is perfect.  Its also works with so many different lipliner shades, that you can make it more red or more brown etc.  I'm so excited to be making this part of my own personal 'makeup wardrobe':

 Since my skin tone is more bronzed from the sun these days, I decided to play up the warmth factor.  The one thing that I absolutely 'hated' about my colour analysis journey is feeling like I had to pick sides and that I had to give up wearing certain shades because they didn't fit into a palette.  I want to be FREE to choose whatever colour I want to wear on a certain day and work with the elements of my clothes and style to make it work.  No more, just 'cool, warm or neutral' - I'm wearing what I like!!!  The whole concept of a colour palette as a science limits a persons confidence in using their own judgment about what works for them.  I've gone from colour analysis fan to foe recently (although there is merit to know what colours look 'best' on you - colour analysis should be a guide only, not a 'science' or a gospel truth system with no movement or personal exploration) -  Anyhow, I want to make this post about Taupe Lipstick - I'll vent into another post - ha ha! For this look I started with my basic concealer and tinted moisturizer.  I then added Saddle eyeshadow by MAC into the crease and outer corners.  I applied Teddy eyeliner by MAC and smudged a colour called 'Chocolate Martini' from the Too Faced Natural Eyes eyeshadow palette into the Teddy Liner and finished with black mascara.  I then applied NARS Oasis blush and used MAC Trace Gold Blush as a pop of gold on the centre of the cheeks.  Last but not least, I applied Taupe lipstick!!! Taupe is definitely going to be a 'keeper' in my makeup bag!!!

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