Friday, June 19, 2015

Light Peach

I remember reading somewhere a while back that light peach is a makeup artists best trick.  Last night, I was thinking about that and after picking up a few magazines and studying the looks, I noticed that peach is the perfect neutral to give warmth to the face without overwhelming it or create a disharmony with the rest of the makeup!  Peach tones and light peach in particular work with so many neutral shades: camel, beige, khaki, pastel shades, mint, blues and even some pastel pinks and red!!!  I'm still in the process of do my makeup bad decluttering and deciding what shades I want as my home base shades!  I've decided that for lipsticks, my magic number will be 5 - I'm thinking 2 for day, 2 for evening and 1 'fun' shade!  Right now, i'm definitely going to be adding a light peach-beige for one of my natural day looks.  Here's a classic light peach look I created today:

I used a MAC concealer palette to start and then applied Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer (I blended Oucher and Sand).  The blushes I used were: Sincere with 'Touch of Gold' blended in.  On the eyes, I lightly swiped on Cork eyeshadow and then used Duck eyeliner (all MAC products).  For the lips, I used MAC Etcetera lipliner and NARS Belle De Jour Lipstick!!!  I absolutely love this lipliner/lipstick combination - it works as a day look natural, but add a gloss and create a smokey eye look and you're ready for a sophisticated evening out!!!  NARS hands-down makes the best lipstick and lipcolours in my opinion.  I always feel chic wearing NARS!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, I love the brownish lip tones on you. As a warm/deep autumn, even though I have light skin I can't pull of nude lip colors. That lipstick on you I would define as a nude, and I think it looks very pretty on you. I can't pull off the natural look myself that well because I need some more color on my lips since they're too cool/pink for my face. I love this look on you and this is why I envy women who can pull off light lipsticks like that. You just look so naturally pretty without trying too hard.

Renata said...

Wow thanks so much!!! I really appreciate the compliment and your response!!!