Friday, June 12, 2015

Brigitte Bardot - Iconic Look

I've always wanted to try and re-create Brigitte Bardot's Iconic smoldering eyes and neutral-warm lip look!  Unfortunately, I'm not able to recreate her 'pouty French lip' look :)  However, I'm determined to practice!!!

I've been studying her look for a while and trying to understand the elements of the look.  The first thing I noticed was thick, smoldering black liner - but it's applied a little 'messy' - almost goth like, but in a sexy way - there is no extra shadow blended in like in our modern smokey eye look - its dramatic, but its 'Simple' - black liner, thick and smudged.  The second thing that really got my attention was her lipstick shades.  They are neutral/nude, but not our modern neutral/nude.  It's not a 'concealer/flesh toned' lipstick shade - its more of a warm, peachy-orange-brown nude.  It's an alluring shade because it works for both day and night, but it doesn't give the eyes all the attention - there is a balancing effect going on between her eye makeup and lip colour shade!  Sultry/Deep is balanced with Natural-Warm!!!    

Here is my attempt to re-create Brigitte Bardot's iconic makeup look:

I took this photo in the early morning so I had to use a more unnatural light, which turned out to be okay, because it shows the versatility of this look - it can be a classic evening or day into night look and the lighting only enhances the look!  I started with my basic concealer and tinted moisturizer.  I then added a little bit more concealer to my eyelid to act as a primer for the liner.  I applied smolder eyeliner by MAC and then used an angled brush to smudge the edges out (creating somewhat of a cat eye, but smudged vs defined).  I used NARS Oasis because its very neutral and versatile.  For the lips - I applied MAC Chicory lipliner to add that peach-brown neutral element and then used NARS Blonde Venus!!!

I don't know if I would wear this look on a regular basis - I'm still enjoying more of a 'le no makeup look' lately, but this is definitely a sexy, alluring look that I will re-create again!!! :)

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Wow, you surely are an early bird!! What time domyounwakemup, lol!?