Friday, May 1, 2015

JEAN Lipstick by Chanel

Jean is a stunning cool pink lipstick.  It leans towards fuchsia and what I love about it, is that you can build it up to look deeper and cooler.  When I tried this on at the Chanel counter, it was apparent to me that this would be my 'out with the girls' shade.  I started talking to the makeup artist there and we shared the same belief that every woman needs a lipstick that makes her feel 'happy', be it a red, pink, plum shade.  There is something about having a colourful lipstick that brightens up your day and mood!  For my everyday 'chic' look I love my neutral, lighter pink shades, but for a TGIF kind of day, I'm ready for a little pick me up.  Its amazing how a fun colour can give you an instant 'omph' - its like a starbucks latte :)  What I also love about the colour 'Jean' is that it also has that Chanel Sophistication!  It's pretty, romantic, fun, mysterious - everything a Chanel lipstick should be!!!  I'm going to really enjoy this lipstick and have fun creating some new looks!
For this look, I used my newest favourite Tisse Venitien Eyeshadow Palette by Chanel, MAC's Desert Rose blush and a few swipes of Jean Lipstick by Chanel - and Voila!!!

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