Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Makeup, Choice and Personal Power!!!

I've been getting a lot of feedback about the power of a personalized palette.  Many women, including myself feel that they are somewhere in the middle between the 12 seasons.  It's interesting that the 12 seasons were created because women found themselves not fitting in with just the 4.  I remember reading 'Color Me Beautiful' in university and not agreeing with the fact that you can ONLY be one of the 4 - I didn't 'belong' then and I don't 'belong' now!  We can't just fit into ONE palette - it doesn't make any sense!  Of course, they are people are visibly 'One' season and their palette is 'perfection' for them, but there are So many more women that don't and its not visible where they belong!  I'm one of those women.  Its interesting to me when I get feedback on this blog (Which I really love getting by the way - I love hearing everyone's opinion) - that almost every second person 'sees' something very different.  There are many of you who see me as a clear, as a soft, as a true autumn etc etc - I personally think there is a part of me in each.  The idea of a personalized palette is so refreshing!  I still love colour analysis and working with the different palettes, but I refuse to 'own' any of them as my own.  I think I lean more towards one in particular (the soft summer deep), but I can wear so many other colours - like the rich brown/pumpkin of autumn, the true blue or true summer/winter, black and white combo of winter etc etc - these are all looks and colours I love and I refuse to give them up because my 'palette' doesn't include those colours.  Your own personal palette gives you room to be YOURSELF!!!  Today, I decided that I wanted to go for a softer look, sort of a mix between Soft Summer and Soft Autumn (if I had to label it) - I started with a more neutral base - Sand tinted moisturizer by Laura Mercier, I applied MAC Trace Gold Blush, then used NARS Angelika blush for a 'pop' of colour.  I applied a mix of satin taupe+copperplate+quarry on my lid into the crease, MAC Grey Utility was used as a liner and I smudged MAC Soot into the upper lash line.  For lipstick, I blended MAC Kinda sexy with Burt's Bees Watermelon Lip Shimmer.

The best thing about creating this look for me was that I felt FREE - free to choose whatever colour inspired me that morning - Free to notice what colours blended in well without thinking 'is this part of the Soft Summer palette?' - We need to give our own 'eye' an opportunity to choose what it likes and wants.  Makeup is a personalized choice - it's actually a seat of power in our life, so why not reclaim our own authenticity and live from that place of power?  Choose the colours you like and make you unique!!!


Anonymous said...

Coloring looks good, but you look a bit tired, perhaps? Also wondering if the photograph itself on this post and some of the others above are doing you justice. They seem a bit washed out.. Not you or the colors, but the overall photo..

Anonymous said...

You look very very nice in the soft summer or is it soft autumn colors... They bring out your gorgeous grey/blue eyes and overall a very soft, elegant look.

Renata said...

Thank you so much!!!