Sunday, September 30, 2012

Berenice Marlohe

THere are women that are beautiful, and then there is Berenice Marlohe!  Before even recognizing Berenice as the new Bond GIrl, I cam across a photo of her while doing a search for French style.  I love women who possess that european flair and passion for living.  Berenice is such an extrodinary and sultry beauty - her mother is French and her father is Cambodian and Chinese.  She has such a stunning presence about her and her eyes simply scream 'sexy'.  I've been looking through a lot of her photos and have found that she really likes to emphasize, that smokey, defined eye with a more neutral or pale lip - check it out:

I absolutely love Berenice's gaze - her eyes are so captivating and really tell a story - I love her makeup here and how her defined eyes are so nicely complimented by a lipstick that is natural!

I am so inspired by this makeup look - I love how her eyes just pop, the subtle glow on her cheeks and the neutral-nude lipstick shade. 

This look is so 'european-elegant' - I love how her eyes still take centre stage, but her lips are a deeper reddish-rose shade.  I find this look so sophisticated!

And finally, Berenice looks so smoldering and sexy with the defined black eyeliner, deep coloured hair and nude lips and cheeks.  I have complete envy for any woman who can work this look and make it look natural and this sexy!

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